Cleaning up your Google Earth’s visualization of unwanted images

04/10/2010 09:30

Below are some guidelines for cleaning your Google Earth viewing of unwanted images, when you want to view only the maps.

1. For this open the Google Earth program, see if you like the initials tips:

2. Next, check the left sidebar is visible,
if not, activate it by clicking on the button “Show Sidebar”
but go the next step.
3. In the Sidebar, go on “Layers” and then “Primary Database” Google Earth,
uncheck “Panoramio Photos” so that the boxes visible in aerial photos of your screen go away.
The same can be done to remove other unwanted information
and the opposite way when you want to view and use all features available in Google Earth:

4. Okay, we done, your screen is free from all those unwanted boxes.
But if you want view the photos selected by Google again, just perform the opposite procedure.

If you wish view the full aerial photo again just click the same button: “Hide sidebar”
and then you can still view “Full Screen”. For this click “F11” or go to “View” in the upper bar command
and then click “Full Screen”. To unsubscribe click “Esc” or “F11” again.

The Ressacada  Experimental Farm and UFSC not responsible for the pictures provided by Panoramio as any people is free to post them and the Google can select them and send them to Google Earth, for this reason this article guidance was created.

If you want to see the photos selected by the Ressacada Experimental Farm to learn more about our services, visit our photos page clicking here.

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