Bamboo Plantation and Management Course

24/05/2010 10:24


for students, technicians, farmers and community:


Theoretical and practical

The Brazilian bamboo market has a growing demand for quality products and production is not keeping up in serving the consumers: there is a lack of qualified producers! Today one hectare of bamboo can yield a lot of carbon with a guaranteed annual return after the eighth year (compensating easily possible difficulties, different from other wood species). Nearly four truckloads, each with 600 culms, can be harvested annually at a price of R$ 7.00 per culm (low estimate), if well managed and selecting the appropriate species.

There are several other possibilities such as the production of edible bamboo shoots and other direct uses: furniture, construction, landscaping, musical instruments, tools, soil remediation, animal feed, associations with other species, among others.

To that purpose Santa Catarina Bamboo Association –, along with UFSC, through the Ressacada Research Farm, will promote a series of bamboo training courses, starting with the present one (see poster below with details and more information in portuguese), with the aim to create the first Bambusetum of Santa Catarina, and you can be part of this story.

Date: Saturday June 12th , 2010

Address: Ressacada Research Farm – UFSC – Neighbourhood Tapera – Florianópolis/SC – Brazil

Registration and information: contact Mr. Hans Kleine (BambuSC) on tel. +55 (48) 3338-2087 or e-mail

Investment: R$ 100.00

Note: 50% discount for UFSC students, staff and professors and members of BambuSC.


Want to know more about bamboo and its potential? Visit the site and indulge your curiosity!

Bamboo Plantation and management course

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