Doação de hortaliças para creche e asilo

24/09/2010 15:17

On September 23, 2010 at the Ressacada Experimental Farm made a donation of vegetables to the Municipal child care center Anna Tapera Spyri and to San Francisco Nursing Home in Ribeirão da Ilha district. The products were on the point of harvest and to be better utilized to help the community around the farm.

Right now were delivered to the Nursing home at least: a box of beets, 30-pack of cress, 15 heads of lettuce, 15 heads arugula and 45 packets of cabbage. Were also donated to the child center: 15 heads of lettuce, 15 to arugula, 15 to cress at least 6 packs of cabbage. In this way we hope to have enabled a good eating habit as well as offering pesticide-free products to people in need.

Tags: Horta